What an amazing place! I cried leaving my english bulldog Bacon with them as it was my first time leaving him especially leaving him surrounded by other nearby dogs. He has a unique personality and needs extra special care everyday. After his stay, I will never cry again and I will always use the services of calypso kennels! What an amazing and accommodating staff and facility. When you call or pick up they know your dog by name and will even begin to tell you details and stories about your pet’s stay! They even knew details only someone who spent lots of time with him would know and such attentiveness and care warmed my heart. Also, arriving home my dog kept circling the car and waiting to go back in as if he wanted to go back! I could go on and on for days! Choose calypso and your pet will have a home away from home and at an amazing price. Thank you all!

Miranda Z.
Fredericksburg VA

Calypso is the best boarding facility in the Stafford area. Their attention to detail and care of the animals is phenomenal. I have 2 senior dogs and they are very patient with them. Marilyn even hand feeds them when necessary! Thor and Loki love this place!

Nancy W.
Stafford VA

We LOVE Calypso Kennels! The first time I had to kennel Pugsley, I brought him to a different kennel because I didn’t know about Calypso. Awful experience. I felt so guilty upon picking him up. It wasn’t what I thought it was, he smelled awful and pick up times were also terrible. So, when we had to kennel him again, my husband told me to check out Calypso. I received a complete tour. It’s VERY clean! The staff is so friendly. I can buy him PUPcicles, playtime, private run with plenty of air circulation and air conditioning. Grooming was perfect. He looked so fluffy, soft and he smelled really nice too 🙂 Plus they gave him a cute gingerbread scarf 🙂 Thank you so much for taking such good care of Pugsley!

Tracy R.
Stafford VA

I’ve been bringing Lucy and Yoda to Calypso for a few years now and have never had anything but completely satisfactory experiences. They both seem to love their time at Calypso!

Todd B.
Stafford VA

We have been using Calypso since it has opened and even though we’ve moved from the area we drive over an hour to board our dogs when needed.

George R.
Montross VA

We have always had house sitters to care for our pets when we head out of town…but this time everyone was booked solid. Without many options I checked out Calypso Kennels based upon a number of recommendations. Great facility, caring staff…everything I would hope for when boarding two members of our family! Both of our dogs came back home refreshed, well fed and attended to, groomed wonderfully and of course happy to see us! Even if I am not in a bind in the future I would consider boarding both of our dogs at Calypso.

Roy M.

Your staff are friendly, competent and provide excellent care for the dogs. I travel frequently with work and it is comforting to know they are happy. Thanks for providing such consistent service.

Mary S.
Fredericksburg VA

I consider myself a long term customer because of the friendly courteous, caring and professional service by the staffs interaction with clientele and pets. It’s more like leaving my pets with family instead of just boarding facility.

John J.
Stafford, VA

We absolutely love Calypso! Brownie is always happy to see everyone. The folks at the front desk and Miss Marilyn always greet us with a smile. It is extremely comforting when she seems so happy when we drop her off and to know that she is being left in good hands. Thank you Calypso!!

Sheila J.
Fredericksburg VA

I know this will sound crazy but I trust leaving my dog at Calypso more so than with a friend or relative because I know he will be safe and well cared for because of the professionalism and care the staff exhibits. I am very confident my dog will be returned in the condition I left him.

Jon M.
Stafford VA

I really like the fact that I can add various types of amenities for our pets. Our kitty loves to be brushed

so that personal touch is very important. Our dog is not that friendly with other dogs
but likes people) -- so being able to have time to play just with people is very important to our dog.

I love having Calypso watch over my fur babies. You offer great add on services so my pets enjoy thier stay as well and get to have some fun. The outdoor activities like BBQs and pool parties are fun. It’s great to have a keepsake painted picture from my pets. You keep me informed as needed about how my pets are doing, and my pets come home from there stay smelling and looking good.

Nancie M
Fredericksburg VA

We have used Calypso for several years now. Bane is always excited when he gets there. Several of the staff members recognize him on sight. He is never reluctant to go with them. They have no problems with me being in contact and always respond to my messages when I check to see how Bane is doing. We definitely appreciate the way they care for Bane.

Penny G.
Spotsylvania VA

Our family has been taking our two dogs to Calypso for the past couple of years. The staff is always kind, caring and go out of their way to accommodate our dogs. They give me and my family peace of mind when our family travel. We have a dog that it is not always friendly and they handle him well. Special thanks to Marilyn who has a special touch for our misunderstood dog. We highly recommend Calypso Kennel, they are the BEST in the Stafford, Fredricksburg and Spotsylvania area.

Mavis T.
Stafford VA

This was Kelo’s second stay with Calypso and again we were not disappointed! Kelo was very well taken care of and the staff understood his specific issues and even gained his trust to get a belly rub! He was relaxed enough to eat and enjoy his play time too. I really truly appreciate the staff getting to know Kelo has trust and noise issues and taking the time to gain that trust was very valuable to my peace of mind. Thank You!

Kim R.
Alexandria VA

Calypso staff remember my dogs when we arrive, and the dogs are immediately comfortable with them. All three of my dogs come away from their visits to “puppy camp” happy, energetic, and not stressed. I definitely appreciate a kennel that my dogs are happy staying in and are clearly well taken care of.

Catherine G.
Stafford VA

I have been boarding my dogs at Calypso for about 14 years. I can go away with confidence that my dogs are well cared for and safe.

Jenny S.
Spotsylvania VA)

I struggled so badly when our pet sitter bailed on us a week before vacation. We had adopted Buster from a shelter after he’d been there for about a year and I was so worried about leaving him at a kennel, where he might think he was being abonded again. Calypso kennel answered all the questions I had (and I had many) and completely surpassed all expectations I had. I was able to vacation knowing my dog was in good hands. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, telling me to call in and check on my dog if I wanted (and I did). I will undoubtedly use them for all future boarding needs! Also, we signed him up for the spa bath and my stinky guy smells amazing!! Came home with a super cute bandana also. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this place and the people they have working there.

Ashley S.
Fredericksburg VA

I have brought my dog Lexi here for the past 7 years and she loves staying here while we are away! They always have cute seasonal promotions and a wide variety of care and grooming options to choose from.

Lauren B.
Stafford VA

My dogs are my “babies”, and I would never leave them with just anyone. I had boarded them at another kennel in the area. Although the care was adequate, I felt they weren’t given the human contact I wanted for them. When I popped in to check out Calypso, I immediately got a good feeling. I have left them here many times over the past few years, and I haven’t ever worried. The staff

from reception to kennel care to grooming -- are always friendly and professional. I get the feeling that they truly like and care about my pets!
Karen S.

Over the past seven years, we have tried a couple of kennels closer to our home in the Woodbridge area, but we much prefer to travel the longer distance to Calypso to kennel our little bichon. We feel Calypso is his “home away from home” when he can’t travel with us, and we feel most secure knowing that he is being very well-cared for during his “vacation” at Calypso. . . And, we also hear that he enjoys sitting in the laps of the Calypso staff members! Thanks so much to everyone at Calypso for your loving care of our “Little Bear”! We are most appreciative. Keep up the great “Calypso care”!

Dave & Debbie C.
Woodbridge VA

Thank you very much! We so appreciated your phone calls to ask questions and update us, your accommodations to our crazy schedule caused by the airlines, and our pets well cared for and looking great at pick up time. You really are the best!!! –Kathy A.

Stafford VA

I’m really reluctant to board our “pup” (2yo GSD) basically anywhere at all. Calypso’s strength is its employees. They take care of him like he was their own boy. Yes, he’s always ready to come home, but you know that he had fun while he was there. Many thanks for taking good care of Barrett. A really outstanding group of folks.

Tim R.
Fredericksburg VA

We have been using Calypso Kennels for several years and have always been extremely pleased with their service and facility. They take excellent care of our senior beagles, giving them extra attention to meet their needs. The staff always remembers them and their personalities, likes and dislikes. I highly recommend Calypso to anyone looking for a caring safe clean place to board your four legged family members.

Gia A
Stafford VA

Calypso staff was very courteous and accommodating. Our pet had some mysterious illness issues during her last visit. We addressed it to staff as our cat, Mio, being exposed to cleaners or bleach, as she doesn’t react well to them. Staff was very attentive to our concerns and request that Mio not be in an enclosed/confined area with freshly sprayed cleaners. Our pet had no issues this time and appeared to be happy and content when we picked her up. Appreciate the great service we received. Thanks, Calypso!

Veronica R.
Stafford VA

I have two large dogs-one very large and was having home renovations done so needed to board the dogs. When the contractors got behind, staff at Calypso accommodated my boys for an additional two days. I wasn’t happy about my construction delays but was thrilled with how Calypso accomodated me and the dogs

Eileen H.
Stafford VA

I always feel confident leaving BRANDY HERE, I know she is well taken care of and loved by the staff, as when she comes home , the next day , its as if she misses her friends and staff at the facility , TRY CALYPSO, I think you will agree!

Anne J.
Fredericksburg VA

Calypso Kennel took excellent care of my elderly cavalier, Bailey. He came out after his visit acting as if he had been to a spa. I was very impressed and thankful for the special attention Bailey received. My other cavalier, Galen, seemed very comfortable with the staff at Calypso. This was Galen’s first trip away from home. Galen was well groomed and happy when we picked him up after his stay. All in all Calypso Kennel met and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Calypso Kennel for all pet lovers.

Linda D.
Fredericksburg VA

We loved Calypso Kennels! We were able to see a video of them hunting for Easter eggs and it was assuring to know they were having a good time. The staff was friendly and we picked up our fur children knowing they were well-cared for during our absence. Thank you for looking after our little ones!

Mary P.
Fredericksburg VA

Thor, my 2yr old German Shepherd seems to really enjoy his stays at Calypso Kennels…the staff is super friendly and the kennels are very well maintained. When Thor comes home, he is so well behaved and seems tired from his playtime. We are repeat customers and I will continue to use Calypso for our boarding needs. Highly recommended!

Al P.
Fredericksburg VA

We LOVE Calypso Kennels. Our dog Lilly is always unsure and nervous going to places…but it is always easy at Calypso. She loves it and seems like she gets a vacation during our vacation. Also, picking up and dropping off is easy and I love their hours on Sunday. Highly recommend if you are looking for a safe and loving environment for your pet.

Matthew F.
Stafford VA

Oscar and Rocky love to go to Calypso Kennels. Most times they have special food or medication and there is never a problem. They get a report card that gives information about their stay and it helps keep me informed of what I might have missed while I was away. Very cute way to communicate with the pet parents.

Carrie S.
Fredericksburg VA

Staff has always been friendly in person & on the phone. Everyone is welcoming & seems to love their job. Annie had a problem with allergies on her feet on a previous visit & the staff recommended a solution of using wax on her pads. It did the trick & I am grateful for the care & concern they showed to solve this issue. The staff is co–operative with the instructions given for the pets care.

Kristie G.
Fredericksburg VA