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Pet Grooming

Let the professional groomers at The Spa at Calypso get your pet looking their very best.  The Spa at Calypso is open Monday-Saturday and offers  flexible appointment times to help accommodate your busy schedule.

To schedule your appointment simply call us or click here to complete our grooming request form. Click the “Promotions” tab below to find out our monthly specials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pet grooming important?

Regularly grooming your pet is not only important for aesthetic reasons but is also important for their general health, because a groomer has their hands on your pet they can often times notice things that are not apparent  like bumps, lumps, changes in the condition of their skin or injury.  This is particularly true when a pet is regularly groomed by the same groomer, changes that could signify a larger medical issues can be identified and address as the groomer becomes more familiar with your pet.  It is also important that mats are removed and checking for any parasites such as fleas and ticks are completed on a regular basis.

How are your grooming prices calculated?

To give an accurate estimate of your pet’s first grooming price, a groomer will need to see and handle your pet. General breed rates are available, but please note that a pet’s size, condition, and temperament may all impact pricing.  Regularly scheduled grooming will ensure your pets coat is in good condition and free of any matting which will help in keeping grooming costs at a reasonable rate.

What if my dog or cat isn’t cooperative?

The professional groomers at The Spa at Calypso have years of experience working with all types of personalities, that being said if your pet shows extreme stress or aggression where it becomes counter-productive to complete grooming, we will notify you and explain in depth our experience with your pet.  It does not happen frequently and since our goal is to make the experience a pleasurable one we want to make sure we are respectful of your pet’s limits.   We are more than willing to discuss any concerns you may have and can offer suggestions for working towards a positive grooming experience.

What is a maintenance bath?

Our Maintenance Baths consists of a bath and blow dry and are scheduled on the day of departure for our boarding guests. They are for the general upkeep and health of your dog. You may upgrade this service to our Spa Bath or add on additional services.

Small: $17+  •  Medium: $27+  •  Large: $37+  •  X-Large: $47+

Grooming Services

Spa Bath

Spa Baths Include Cleansing Bath, Conditioning Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning

Small: $35-$45  Medium: $45-$50 • Large: $60 • X-Large: $70


Our Haircuts Are Completed To Your Specifications.  It Is Important To Be As Detailed As Possible When Explaining What You Would Like.  Haircuts Include:  Cleansing Bath, Conditioning Bath, Conditioner, Hair Cut, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning.

Small: $50+ • Medium: $65+ • Large: $80+ • X-Large: $95+

A La Carte Services

  • Ear Cleaning: $5
  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking: $12
  • Eye Cleaning & Eye Trim: $10
  • Hot Oil Treatment: $10-$20
  • Nail Trimming: $12
  • Soft Paws: $20 per set
  • Blueberry Facial: $10
  • Tooth Brushing: $10
  • Anal Gland Expression: $10
  • Sanitary Trim: $12
  • Pawicure (Nail Trim, File/Grind, Paw Pad Treatment & Hair Trim): $17
  • Specialty Shampoo (Flea, Oatmeal, Medicated, Hypo-Allergenic): $15-$20


De-matting is the removal of knots close to the skin. If your pet is matted, our spa staff will discuss different options for treatment with you to best suits your pet’s needs

Starting at $60 an hour


In addition to bathing services we offer a de-shedding treatment for double coated breeds. De-shedding will assist in reducing/shedding of the undercoat. Prices for our de-shedding treatment depends on breed size and condition of the coat and are available through our spa staff.

Fill out my online form.
Fill out my online form.

Promotions and Specials

March 2016- Free Hot Oil Treatment With Spa Bath or Haircut


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