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Dog Boarding

Calypso Kennels, in Fredericksburg Virginia, is built around the idea that boarding your dog or cat should be a pleasant, comfortable experience. Calypso is a “guilt free zone”! Please call to schedule a tour at anytime. A member of our staff would be happy to show you around any time during office hours.
View bonus amenities and activities available for all boarding options.

Dog Boarding Packages

Standard Run


  • 2nd Dog in Same Run: $19/day
  • Indoor/outdoor run 4′ x 14′
  • Includes shaded outdoor patio
  • Orthopedic Bed

 Extra Large Run

$71/day (Includes 2 Pets)

  • 3rd Dog in Same Run: $19/day
  • Indoor/outdoor run 8′ x 34′
  • Includes shaded outdoor patio
  • Orthopedic Bed

Senior Run


  • 2nd Dog in Same Run: $19/Day
  • Indoor/outdoor Run 5′ x 14′
  • Includes shaded outdoor patio
  • Orthopedic bed or Carpet Runner
  • Soft music & quiet environment so your senior can enjoy their stay.

Luxury Suite


  • 2nd Dog in Same Suite: $10/day
  • Private Room 8′ x 8′
  • Includes 4 business walks
  • Over-sized bed
  • TV/Radio
  • Ambient lighting
  • Virtually Sound-proof
View bonus amenities and activities available for all boarding options.

Calculation of Dog Boarding Rates

The day of check-in is billed as a full day of boarding, regardless of arrival time. The day of check-out is free until check-out time at 12 noon. After noon, the day will be billed as a full day of boarding.

Your Dogs Medications

Your pet’s health is our first priority. We never charge for administering medications, and someone is always available to administer insulin injections. Just bring us your pet’s medications in their original packaging, and clear instructions from your vet. Don’t forget; make sure your pet’s first and last name are on all of his belongings!

Toys From Home

If your dog is particularly attached to a toy, bring it in. Make sure to clearly label all belongings with your name in permanent marker. If you forget to bring a toy, we have plenty of toys in our retail area. Your dog can pick one when he comes in, or select our “room service” option and we’ll let him pick new toys throughout his stay. Dogs are always happier when they have something to do, so we encourage you to bring natural bones and chews for your pet. Unfortunately, we cannot accept raw bones or rawhide for the safety of our guests.

Food From Home

If your dog is on a special diet, we’ll serve food from home for no extra charge. Just make sure the food is prepackaged in zip lock baggies—one for every meal. It may seem tedious, but it helps us maintain a clean and healthy environment, which is definitely worth the trouble. If your food comes in bulk and we package it for you, we’ll charge a convenience fee of $.50 per feeding.

Standard Food Provided

Our Signature Diet is a maintenance kibble with warm water added. Even the pickiest dogs can’t resist the smell of a hot bowl of food! Nutrition information is available upon request.

Required Vaccinations

We require that all dogs are vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella. You can bring the records when you check in, or fax them to us at (540) 657-6240.


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